Finland Operating First LNG Powered Icebreaker

The First LNG Powered Icebreaker

Finland has recently announced that it will be operating a world first: an ice-breaker, which runs on liquefied natural gas. The actual number of LNG-powered ships in Finland’s fleet is gradually increasing because the Nordic country is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and there is a need for more vessels of this ilk. Using liquefied natural gas it more environmentally friendly and also cuts down on the carbon footprint left by ships of this nature. Finland has a heavy reliance on maritime transport because temperatures in the winter months often dip below zero.


Functionality and Production

The Icebreaker was manufactured and produced by Arctia Ltd and cost a cool 128 million euros (approximately £115 million). Importantly, the aptly named ‘Polaris’ Icebreaker will run on low-sulphur diesel and have two huge LNG containers on board, which will mean it will be able to operate for roughly a week-and-a-half without needing to refuel.

The very first LNG import terminal was opened in the Nordic country in September this year, in the western city of Pori. This shows Finland’s commitment to produce economically viable and environmentally friendly vessels, that meet the needs of the country’s people.

The First Ice-Breaker

Finland’s first ice-breaker was built in 1890 and has so far commissioned 8 such ships, which operate on the northern-most tip of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. They are industrious and hardy ships that are built to endure the harshest winter conditions, ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew.

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