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Sustaining LNG Growth

Many people are predicting that with so much attention being paid to renewable energy, investment in fossil fuels will decline and eventually wane away as the world moves towards a clean energy future. However, there are also some who argue that natural gas has an important role to play in transitioning our society off of

What are the advantages of lng over natural gas in terms of transportation and safety?

What is LNG? LNG, also known as liquid or liquefied natural gas, is a natural gas predominantly made of methane, which is missed with ethane. The two products are chilled down to liquid state. Doing so allows for ease and safety especially when it comes to issues like non-pressurized packaging and transportation. LNG is naturally

The world’s largest LNG fuelled pure car truck carrier ordered by NYK

In a statement from NYK they have announced that they have placed an order for the world’s largest pure car truck carrier (PCTC) to be solely powered by LNG. The ship is scheduled for delivery next year and will be able to transport around 7000 units per voyage, and will be built in Japan. The

Finland Operating First LNG Powered Icebreaker

The First LNG Powered Icebreaker Finland has recently announced that it will be operating a world first: an ice-breaker, which runs on liquefied natural gas. The actual number of LNG-powered ships in Finland’s fleet is gradually increasing because the Nordic country is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and there is a need for more vessels