We bring you the latest news on LNG transfer systems for both onshore and offshore operations.

LNG transfer technologies and systems used in Ship to Ship, Ship to Shore and Bunkering operations need to be designed and commissioned to the highest standards to ensure the safe and successful operation of the transfer system.

The LNG transfer process needs to be monitored and a continuing assessment of risk carried out to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of LNG.

What should you look for when selecting a LNG Tranfer System

  • Efficent transfer of LNG
  • Minimal risk of spill
  • Reliable operation
  • Proven technology
  • Excellent system support
  • First class training

LNG ship to ship Transfer

The offshore transfer of LNG from ship to ship which is also referred to as LNG STS is the transfer via a LNG Tanker to a LNG vessel.

lng transfer ship to ship

Image Courtesy of Excelerate Energy

To ensure safe transfer of LNG you should have a continuing process of risk assessment and management in place to ensure the safe transfer and to minimise your hose transfer times.

In the unlikely event of a problem you need to ensure the transfers system is equipped with the latest emergency release coupling technology which will ensure 100% fail-safe closure of both halves.

For further information on LNG transfer  from ship to ship.