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Sustaining LNG Growth

Many people are predicting that with so much attention being paid to renewable energy, investment in fossil fuels will decline and eventually wane away as the world moves towards a clean energy future. However, there are also some who argue that natural gas has an important role to play in transitioning our society off of

What Are the Advantages of LNG as a Shipping Fuel?

            With the increased demand for cleaner sources of energy, liquefied natural gas is fast replacing gasoline and diesel throughout the transportation industry and beyond. The ability to harvest a low-cost and low-emission fuel will play a significant role in meeting the current world’s energy needs and requirements. Currently, most

What is LNG Bunkering and how does it work

What is LNG bunkering LNG bunkering is the process of transferring liquefied natural gas to a ship for use as fuel. It is a popular method of fueling ships because it is a less pollutant method compared to the other traditional methods of fueling like marine gas oil and heavy fuel oil. There is also