What is LNG and why use it?

What Is LNG?


Liquefied Natural gas (or LNG for short) is a natural gas that has been cooled into a liquid state at around -260 degrees Fahrenheit. It is kept at this temperature due to the fact that the volume of a gas when liquefied, is around 600 times smaller than in its natural gaseous state. This of course makes it much easier to ship and store. It is also easier to transport LNG to destinations that can not be reached by pipelines. Liquefying natural gas is a method that was developed in the 19th century.

Transportation of LNG

As stated above, LNG is a method used to make the transportation of a gas much simpler. Destinations that pipelines do not reach can easily be achieved with this method. LNG is a method that involves the liquefied gas to be stored in a special tanker. These special tankers are then shipped off to wherever they need to go. They are mainly sent to terminals across the world.

LNG Imports And Exports (United States)

Last year LNG was transported widely across the globe. Looking specifically at the United States, figures show which countries had a hand in exporting LNG to the US. Trinidad and Tobago had by far imported the most LNG to America in 2015. According to a study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration: Trinidad and Tobago imported a massive 78% of all LNG that was imported to the United States in 2015. Norway shipped 13%, Yemen shipped 8%; and the remaining 1% shipped to The United States came from Canada. All of these percentages were divided up, with the total amount imported at 92 billion cubic feet.

On the flip side, when it came to exporting, the US exported around 28 billion cubic feet of LNG. 48% of this was exported to Brazil, 25% to Egypt, 27% to Turkey, and the rest was divided between Japan and Taiwan. Very small amounts were also given to Canada and Mexico. These were small enough to be delivered by truck.

LNG To Be Used As Fuel?

It has recently been reported that LNG could soon be used as a type of fuel. Due to liquefied natural gas being much more energy dense than normal gaseous gas, it has been speculated that LNG would be a very efficient fuel type for vehicles such as heavy-duty vehicles. It could be a while before we see this, but it is a very feasible option.

LNG is being used for shipping and is a proven commercial solution, with LNG offering huge advantages, especially with the tighter emission regulations coming into force.

LNG safety

The safety record of LNG carriers is extremely good and needs to be maintained by the use of modern safety systems that are available from proven companies.


Liquefied natural gas is ever-growing in popularity and is being used more and more frequently. Its liquid-state makes it very easy for transportation and reaching areas that would not be possible, the use of pipelines makes it ideal for efficiency. LNG is now being shipped all the way around the world by massive cargo ships, planes and even trucks. With increasing research in to LNG, it will be no surprise if we even start seeing it used as a fuel method for larger vehicles and increasing use in large, medium and smaller sized vessels.

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