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How Safe is LNG?

Is LNG Safe for Fuel? Historically, liquefied natural gas is considered safe and non-toxic. There are a few safety concerns though when it comes to the subject. Many times, the negatives tend to confuse the realities, and people tend to have a misconception about LNG safety subject. This article separates safety facts from concerns. LNG

How to reduce risk of Bunkering

Be Safe when Bunkering! Bunkering procedure – reduce risk of accidents.   Bunkering is a risky process and one which, if not handled correctly, has caused accidents in previous maritime situations. In some unfortunate cases even leading to fatalities. The health, security and safety of our crew, team members, the environment and those stakeholders that

Could the LNG industry help hold down the price of British wholesale gas in 2018

With increased LNG supplies of up to double the amount of last winter the demand for natural gas should be diminished, which should limit gas prices. Also the cost of coal has come down from around $90 per tonne to around $60 per tonne. The price of winter gas rose to around 52 pence per

The Trump Administration Backs the Construction New LNG Export Facility

Progressive legislative actions and bold statements from the Trump Administration are some of the various indicators that seem to strongly suggest the United States of America is favourably considering the construction and heavy reliance of the newly developed LNG export facility. The concept of building an LNG exporting terminal was initially proposed by energy companies

Vladimir Putin said that Russia not only can but will be world’s largest LNG producer

On Thursday President Vladimir Putin said that his country not only can, but will become the largest LNG producer in the World. The president did not give a time table for reaching this ambitious goal. At present Russia has one LNG export facility, Sakhalin which produces around 9.6 million tons of LNG per year. However

New LNG bunkering vessel to be built for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) currently manages over 120 bulk carriers and has over 40 years experience, have entered into an agreement with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) to build a 7,500 cbm liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel which will be 117 meters long and 20 meters wide. This vessel is expected to be delivered in

Panama Canal Making Serious Environmental Steps

The Panama Canal took 4 years to expand and double its capacity. A new lane was added and the depth and width of the lanes and locks were increased and that enables bigger ships to enter. The locks (a system that lifts a ship up and down) were made approximately 21.3 metres (70ft) wider and

World trade figures for the transportation of goods by ship

Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea and it is by far the most cost effective way to transport goods and materials around the world. The maritime transport industry is essential to the world’s economy and is overseen by the United Nations regulatory agency; The International Maritime Organization (IMO) who are responsible

Finland Operating First LNG Powered Icebreaker

The First LNG Powered Icebreaker Finland has recently announced that it will be operating a world first: an ice-breaker, which runs on liquefied natural gas. The actual number of LNG-powered ships in Finland’s fleet is gradually increasing because the Nordic country is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and there is a need for more vessels

Finland opens first LNG import terminal

Finland recently opened its first ever Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import terminal. Keeping to its tight schedule, the port opened on 12th September, 2016 in Pori. Deliveries of LNG to customers also began on September 12. As well as delivering to commercial customers, the port will also be delivering LNG to maritime, industry and heavy