Could the LNG industry help hold down the price of British wholesale gas in 2018

With increased LNG supplies of up to double the amount of last winter the demand for natural gas should be diminished, which should limit gas prices. Also the cost of coal has come down from around $90 per tonne to around $60 per tonne.

The price of winter gas rose to around 52 pence per therm, with these levels not being seen since 2015.

The UK winter prices are trading at 46 pence per therm, but are unlikely to reach the 2017 peak unless there is a very bad winter.

The price of coal is also not likely to increase with India Cancelling plans to build 14 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations, which is equivalent to the entire UK output.

This is in part because of the falling price of solar power in India with prices now around 31 percent cheaper than coal.

Cheniere Emery stock price have gone up by 4% as talks to increase LNG exports to China.

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