Finland opens first LNG import terminal

Finland recently opened its first ever Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import terminal. Keeping to its tight schedule, the port opened on 12th September, 2016 in Pori. Deliveries of LNG to customers also began on September 12. As well as delivering to commercial customers, the port will also be delivering LNG to maritime, industry and heavy duty road users.

finland lng terminal

To date, access of LNG in Finland has been incredibly poor and, it is hoped that with the opening of this new terminal, that access to LNG for all of those who wish to use it, will be greatly improved. Based at the M20 Industrial Park, the the new terminal will also dramatically boost the production of other businesses in the area and give a much needed lift to all concerned. Other local businesses include: Kemira Oyj, Huntsman Pigments and Additives and Porin Prosessivoima, all of which have now made to switch to using LNG.

It is hoped that the opening of the Pori LNG port will help to further develop Finland’s LNG energy market. This is enhanced with deliveries being made outside of the gas pipe network system, leading to increased usage and optimisation for customers for those who wish to use LNG. The total cost of the project to install the LNG terminal cost €80 million, with €23 million obtained from grants. Up to ten people will be directly employed by the terminal with an additional fifty personal needed indirectly. LNG continues to be a growing business in Finland. In August the country opened its first ever gas station in Helsinki and a further LNG terminal is planned to open in Tornio in 2018.

The new LNG terminal adheres to all requirements and standards as set by the county’s Sulphur Directive initiative. The opening of the LNG port is believed to shift the emphasis of using petroleum fuels to that of using LNG in the energy production industries and for heavy duty road users. This will dramatically reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

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